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Telephone: 020 8630 3518 West4GPs@nhs.net

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Guide on accessing services at the practice – PLEASE READ FOR INFORMATION

 “How to…” Step by Step guide for patients of West4GPs

Request a doctor’s appointment/advice

Please note all doctor’s appointments are now done over the telephone in the first instance and the doctor will give you a face to face appointment if clinically necessary. Appointments  are book on the day only.

You can request a doctor call or advice by:

  • During the week Monday to Friday by completing an e-consult from the following link: https://west4gps.webgp.com/  
  • Using our PushDr service which allows you to have a video consultation with a doctor on the same day or a day of your choosing. The service can be found on our home page or on the following link https://www.pushdoctor.co.uk/  
  • Please do not book an appointment with the Push Dr service that you are not able to make as the practice is charged for each appointment, whether completed, cancelled or missed.
  • If you do not have access to the internet, please call reception on 0208 630 3518
  • For any emergencies, please call reception on 0208 630 3518

Order a repeat prescription

Please note the online service is only used for items, quantities and doses that appear on your repeat list, and is not for repeat dispensing. If you would like to request something that does not appear on your repeat list, you will need to complete an e-consult.

Request a medication review

  • Please complete an e-consult, found on our home page or the following link (https://west4gps.webgp.com/reviews)
  • Choose the option that says Medication Review. Alternatively, you can choose the Administrative option at the top and type in the text box that you need a medication review

Request contraceptive or HRT medication

  • Please complete a contraception e-consult from the following link (https://west4gps.webgp.com/show-contraception)
  • Please provide us with an up to date blood pressure reading before submitting your request. You can do this with your home machine, at a chemist or by using our POD machine at reception.

Book a blood test, smear, nurse appointment etc

  • Please call reception on 0208 630 3518.
  • We cannot book appointments via email or e-consult, and the online booking service is currently disabled