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Monthly Archives: July 2020

Health Conditions and Coronavirus

Fit Notes

The current Government guidance for employers and businesses on coronavirus (Covid-19) reiterates that medical evidence is not required for the first 7 days of sickness. It adds that after 7 days , employers may use their discretion around the need for medical evidence if an employee is staying at home.

Please print the attached form and complete and hand to your employer should they request a fit/sick note from you during this time.

West4GPs Fit note – sick note guidance and form 20.3.2020

Government guidance on social distancing https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-guidance-on-social-distancing-and-for-vulnerable-people/guidance-on-social-distancing-for-everyone-in-the-uk-and-protecting-older-people-and-vulnerable-adults


Please see below for some useful links for those patients who have diabetes and suggestions on how to help manage your diabetes during the current climate of Covid – 19

Within the documents there are some helpful links. Click on these to be directed to further helpful information.

Coronavirus and Diabetes – NWL




Type 2 Diabetes and sick days Covid-19 Type 2 Diabetic Sick Day Rules Crib Sheet 2703202

Mental Health & Well-being

Please click on the below link to access a well-being app


There is help available during these difficult times. If struggling, please call:

Adult Social Care 020 8583 3100

Domestic Violence 07810 031780 or 0808 2000 247

Hounslow Domestic & Sexual Violence Outreach Service & One Stop Shop 07810 031 780 DV Safety Card_covid 19

Mental Health CRISIS 0300 1234 244

Alcoholics Anonymous 0800 917 7650

Narcotics Anonymous 0300 999 1212.

Anchor counselling https://www.anchorcounselling.org/

IAPT Counselling services https://www.hounslowiapt.nhs.uk/

Should I continue with my ACE-1/ARB medication? 

We understand that there have been some concerns surrounding the use of commonly used BP drugs called ACE-Is and ARBs and a link to increased risk and severity of Covid-19. Please be reassured that there is a lack of evidence supporting this, and the European Society of Cardiology strongly advises patients to not to stop these medications because of Covid-19.

Please see the below link to more information on this matter.